Confidential Lawyer for Whistleblowing Systems

Confidential Lawyer for Whistleblowing Systems

Lawyer for Internal Whistleblower Systems in Austria

Dr. Schönborn supports you throughout Austria with your whistleblower system as a Lawyer of confidence. He can also act as your internal reporting office and assists you in selecting and setting up the appropriate whistleblower reporting channel for you. Providing you with legal support during implementation. In addition, Dr. Schönborn supports you in the legal analysis of reports and gives you specific recommendations for dealing with suspicions.
Als Rechtsanwalt für Hinweisgebersysteme bietet Dr. Elias Schönborn Beratung zu internen Hinweisgebersystemen und unterstützt interne Meldestellen bei allen rechtlichen Fragestellungen

Your Confidential Lawyer for Whistleblowing Systems in Austria

The Whistleblower Protection Act (HSchG) obliges companies with at least 50 employees to enable internal reporting of possible legal violations within the company. We support you in setting up an internal Whistleblower System tailored to your needs and help you to process incoming reports in accordance with the law. Confidentially, discreetly and throughout Austria. In addition, as a specialized laywer for whistleblowing systems, Dr. Schönborn supports you in the legal analysis of information and gives you specific recommendations for dealing with suspicious circumstances.

What advantages does a legal Ombudsman for whistleblowing offer?

Small and medium-sized companies in particular often wish to fulfil the requirements of the Whistleblower Protection Act as easily as possible and without great effort and expense. As a law firm specialising in whistleblowing, we support you in choosing the right whistleblowing system and review incoming reports for you.

We cooperate with various providers of first-class whistleblowing solutions and can assess which system is best suited to your company based on our relevant experience and comparative values. On this basis, we advise you personally and set up the whistleblowing system for you in accordance with your requirements and in compliance with the law. This means you can continue to concentrate on your work and count on a trustworthy expert who is committed to confidentiality to ensure that all relevant compliance regulations are adhered to in your company.

What services are included in setting up the Whistleblowing System, including onboarding?

We provide the following services in the course of setting up your whistleblowing system:

  • Recommendations on possible providers for your internal reporting channel
  • Joint set-up of the Whistleblowing System according to your needs
  • Personal consultation and coordination including onboarding
  • Preparation of important accompanying documents for the introduction of the Whistleblowing System (if required or desired):
    • Whistleblower Policy
    • Data Protection Impact Assessment
    • Draft of a works agreement

The setup of the Whistleblower System including personal consultation, onboarding, and creation of (as necessary) accompanying documents costs a one-time fee of EUR 950 plus VAT, if applicable.

What services does the activity as Confidential Lawyer include?

Dr. Schönborn will assist you as a trusted lawyer after the Whistleblower System has been set up or independently thereof. The following services are included:

  • Accessibility for whistleblowers via the Whistleblower System
  • Ongoing adaptation to legal requirements and general advice on the internal Whistleblower System
  • Initial legal assessment of incoming whistleblower tips with recommendations for action for your company (includes one tip per half year, which is sufficient in most cases)
  • Guarantee of strict confidentiality requirements and the highest data protection standards

The basis of the monthly costs for the Whistleblowing System and the work of the Confidential Lawyer depends on the chosen reporting platform provider and ranges from EUR 99 to EUR 249 plus 20% VAT, if applicable, for companies with fewer than 250 employees. For companies with 250 or more employees, we will be happy to prepare a customised offer. This total price includes both the costs of the reporting platform provider and the costs of the above-mentioned services of the Confidential Lawyer.

By involving a lawyer for whistleblowing systems, you ensure that the ongoing processing of the system and the initial review of notifications run smoothly, quickly and compliantly and that the legally required steps are proposed to you promptly. Irrespective of your Whistleblower System, we are also happy to advise and represent you in all legal matters relating to whistleblowing and the Whistleblower Protection Act and the initial legal review of whistleblower reports on a case-by-case basis as part of our Tip-Check.


  • 1. Why should I appoint a Legal Ombudsman for my internal reporting channel?

    A legal Ombudsman (or Confidential Lawyer) brings special legal expertise to your company, supports you in setting up your Whistleblower System and ensures the confidential and legally compliant processing of whistleblower tips. Furthermore, a Confidential Lawyer provides an additional level of credibility and trust for the whistleblower and has the advantage that he or she is not subject to any conflicts of interest and acts independently and objectively.
  • 2. Which persons in the company work together with the Confidential Lawyer?

    The Confidential Lawyer usually works together with the persons responsible for Compliance and legal matters in the company and reports to them. Depending on the size of the company, these are typically people from the compliance, legal or HR department or the management itself. It goes without saying that the company retains control over the processes during the cooperation with the lawyer.
  • 3. How are employees informed and trained about the Whistleblower System?

    In addition to setting up the internal reporting channel, the one-time flat rate of EUR 950 + VAT also includes the creation of a whistleblower policy, which you can distribute to your employees or make available on the intranet. This policy shows, for example, how a report can be submitted, how it will be processed and the consequences of a false report. If you are also interested in customised Employee Training for your company, where, among other things, the Whistleblower System as well as the rights and obligations under the Whistleblower Protection Act are explained, we are happy to support you.
  • 4. How do companies benefit from an internal reporting channel?

    An internal reporting system for whistleblowers serves to reinforce the company’s integrity, transparency and compliance. The system enables the early detection of potential legal violations and provides sufficient scope for a prompt response to any indications, thereby reducing likelihood of major crises or, at the very least, enabling discreet and internal resolution. Furthermore, a prompt response to whistleblower tip can reduce the risk of corporate criminal liability and the related liability risks as well as the risk of reputational damage.

Do you have any questions about Whistleblower Systems or the activities of a Confidential Lawyer?

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