Your Lawyer for the investigations of Whistleblower reports in Austria

Has your company received a whistleblower tip? Our Tip-Check service offers you an initial legal assessment and clear recommendations for action at a fixed price. We help you to comply with the Whistleblower Protection Act and conduct the review in accordance with the law.

Prüfung von Whistleblower-Meldungen: Rechtsanwalt Dr. Schönborn unterstützt interne Meldestellen bei der rechtlichen Analyse von Hinweisen und der Durchführung von Folgemaßnahmen


The Austrian Whistleblower Protection Act (HSchG) came into force in 2023 and introduced numerous legal innovations, such as
  • Obligation to set up an internal whistleblower system for companies with 50 or more employees;
  • Special protection for whistleblowers;
  • Strict confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations;
  • Guidelines for checking information, follow-up actions and deadlines;
  • Liability provisions and rules on the burden of proof;
  • Special data protection regulations;
  • Documentation and information obligations;
  • Penal provisions and much more.

We assist you in correctly applying the law and professionally accompany you in the analysis of reports.


We examine whistleblower reports objectively and independently and offer the necessary legal expertise. Depending on the allegations made in a whistleblower report, companies have different obligations to fulfil. Our legal review helps you to take the right steps in a lawful and proportionate manner and to be on the safe side from a legal perspective.


Attorney Dr. Elias Schönborn is a specialist in the field of whistleblowing, based in Vienna. He brings extensive expertise from numerous consultations and whistleblowing investigations and is also a certified Whistleblowing Officer and co-author of the first legal commentary on the Austrian Whistleblower Protection Act. In addition, he regularly gives lectures and webinars on the legal aspects of whistleblowing. With the Tip-Check, you can choose between two different options at a fixed price to have your whistleblowing discreetly and confidentially checked by a specialist. Of course, the control of the process remains with you.

Our basic package provides you with a sound initial legal assessment of a whistleblowing tip and clarifies the applicability of the Whistleblower Protection Act (HSchG). We also advise you on urgent measures and any reporting obligations.

Services at a glance:

– Possible penalties

– Cursory risk and damage estimation

– Potential liability risks

– Reporting obligations to authorities

EUR 850 /plus VAT


In addition to a legally sound initial analysis, our premium package also offers strategic initial advice on possible follow-up measures. It extends the basic package with targeted recommendations for action, including advice on criminal and labour law steps. If you want comprehensive legal support in the indicative initial review of a report and want to benefit from our special expertise, the premium package is ideal for your company.


– Criminal law steps

– Labour law measures

– Adjustment of compliance measures

EUR 1,750 /plus VAT

Our fixed prices for the Tip-Check guarantee you a comprehensive preliminary legal review, including specific recommendations for possible follow-up measures. If you require support with the implementation of follow-up measures such as an Internal Investigation or initiating legal steps – we are happy to support you on the basis of our usual terms and conditions, depending on the actual costs involved. We are happy to send you a customised offer. If necessary, we can also draw on our network of specialised experts.

You can find more information on legal support for your internal whistleblowing system and general whistleblowing legal advice here. Dr. Schönborn also acts as a Confidential Lawyer for Whistleblowing Systems. If you need a lawyer to defend you against criminal charges following a whistleblowing incident, you can find more information on this topic here.

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