International Criminal Law

International Criminal Law

Lawyer for International Criminal Law and European Criminal Law

In an increasingly interconnected world, criminal law is also becoming more and more international. This includes the fundamental rights protection shaped by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the continuous expansion of investigative powers at the EU level, and most recently, the creation of a European Public Prosecutor's Office: Today, criminal law must be viewed in a global context.
Im internationalen Strafrecht vertreten wir unsere Mandanten österreichweit in grenzüberschreitenden Sachverhalten

Your Attorney for International Criminal Law

International criminal law covers cross-border offences. In addition, the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), which has constitutional status in Austria, and the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) also have a direct impact on Austrian criminal law in purely domestic matters. In addition, the EU is not only constantly expanding its competences in the area of criminal procedural law, but is now also increasingly defining the framework conditions for substantive criminal law. This area of law is developing rapidly.

Dr. Elias Schönborn works in the field of Criminal Defense in international criminal law and drafts Legal Opinions on related issues. As many companies operate globally, the focus here is primarily on issues of international Commercial Criminal Law and Corporate Criminal Law.

Our areas of Activity

In the field of international criminal law, we are primarily active in the following areas:

  • Criminal Law Advice and Representation in cross-border matters
  • Criminal Defense in proceedings brought by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, for example on charges of fraud to the detriment of the financial interests of the European Union (Section 168f StGB) or misappropriation of funds and assets to the detriment of the financial interests of the European Union (Section 168g StGB)
  • Advice and Representation in mutual legal assistance proceedings and in matters relating to the procurement of evidence abroad
  • Defense in connection with a European Arrest Warrant or a European Investigation Order
  • Defense in extradition proceedings
  • Advising and Representing internationally active companies on compliance aspects in relation to Austrian and international criminal law
  • Clarification of the question of whether Austrian criminal law is applicable and which state authorities would have jurisdiction in cross-border economic offences and in the area of IT Criminal Law

In cross-border matters, we can draw on a broad network of renowned criminal law experts with whom we are connected, among others, in the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA).

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