General Criminal Law

General Criminal Law

Lawyer for Criminal Law in Vienna

In general criminal law, our focus is on the defense of private individuals for selected offences under the Austrian Criminal Code (StGB), which can also occur in business life in addition to traditional commercial criminal law. In this area, we specialise, among other offences, in negligence offences, documentary offences and offences for the protection of the administration of justice.
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Our expertise in general criminal law

In order to offer our clients the best representation and most comprehensive expertise, we have decided to deploy our resources specifically. The focus of our law firm is on the defense of commercial matters, which primarily includes Commercial Criminal Law, Corruption Criminal Law and Medical Criminal Law. In the area of general criminal law, we therefore only take on selected cases. These include, for example, the following offences:

  • Shielding offenders (Sec 299 StGB)
  • Negligent killing and negligent assault (Sec 80 StGB, Sec 81 StGB and Sec 88 StGB)
  • False testimony (Sec 288 StGB)
  • Counterfeiting evidence (Sec 293 StGB)
  • Damage to credit (Sec 152 StGB)
  • Coercion and deception (Sec 105 StGB, Sec 106 StGB and Sec 108 StGB)
  • Defamation (Sec 111 StGB)
  • Suppression of evidence (Sec 295 StGB)
  • Counterfeiting of documents and forgery of data (Sec 223 StGB and Sec 225a StGB)
  • Suppression of documents (Sec 229 StGB)
  • False accusation (Sec 297 StGB)
  • Insurance fraud (Sec 151 StGB)

With a targeted defense strategy, we as a specialist criminal law firm can often achieve a dismissal of the proceedings, a withdrawal of the prosecution (diversion) or at least a lenient sentence for the offences mentioned.

In addition to Criminal Defense, we also support you in asserting your claims as a victim in the course of Private Participation.

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